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«Technology» is a team of 160 qualified specialists in 4 territorial subdivisions in Russia and abroad. Among our clients are large electronic-informational platforms, taxi companies, holding companies and industrial enterprises.

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Sooner or later each company faces the need to do something non-core, something that its employees have never experienced, what they can't handle qualitatively and quickly enough. There are two obvious solutions. The first is to sacrifice quality or deadlines and try to implement the project on your own, and the second is to ask professionals for help.

Services and advantages

For students

We organize meetings, tours and seminars with the students of technical specialties on a regular basis.

Our personnel policy is aimed at attracting young professionals. Over the past 3 years we had more than 50 students doing their internships at our company, and many of them have already received diplomas and become our regular employees.

What we offer to students

What we offer to students

Work training or internship in your specialization
Consultations with specialists and teachers
Getting acquainted with the work of a real IT-company
Organized workplace
Free meals 3 times a day
Employment priority

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For applicants

We are always happy to consider employing a good specialist, even if there are no open vacancies at the moment.

If you have doubts about your experience, if you want to change your specialization or reduce the number of interviews, you can evaluate and demonstrate your skills by developing the sample app on the following topics. The topics were chosen randomly, whereas the set of technologies is similar to those that we use on a daily basis. There is no need to develop a complete software product, it is enough to demonstrate your knowledge of the technology stack.

We will try to evaluate your abilities and find you a suitable place in our team, if you put the source code on Github and send us a link to We will contact you and continue to communicate.

Our vacancies


Our advantages

Advantages of IT outsourcing in the "Technology"

Improving the quality of maintenance and minimizing the risk of downtime
Predictability and reduction in IT
Single entry point for all the issues related to IT
Individual conditions

1C: Franchising

"Technology" is a partner of the "1C" company in Kurgan. The basis for stable work of the organization is a high qualification of employees and an individual approach to each client.

Automation of accounting requires the participation of a specialist in the appropriate software.

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