We know how to do it, we can do it, we will do it!

Technology is made up of over 250 proficient specialists located in 9 subdivisions in Russia and abroad. Among our partners are large electronic media platforms, taxi companies, holding groups and industrial enterprises. We have a vast experience in designing IT solutions

Experience and quality

Sooner or later each company faces the need to do something non-typical, something that its employees have never done before, what they can't handle quickly and reliably enough. There are two obvious solutions. The first one is to sacrifice the quality or deadlines and try to carry out the project on your own; the second one is to ask the professionals to help you.

State-of-art solutions

We are vastly experienced in designing our own networks based on specialized state-of-art equipment, as well as in creating complex infrastructural solutions for our clients. All this allows us to be confident about the quality of the services we provide.

A long-lasting result

In our developments, we use cutting-edge technology stack and our own libraries that allow us to increase lifespan and period of support of our projects.

Our fields of expertise

We have been developing, supporting and localizing software products for 10 years already.

We are vastly experienced in creating and supporting IT infrastructures of any scale based on specialized state-of-art network equipment.

We administer servers and system equipment, as well as provide seamless work and timely modernization of IP telephony system.

completed projects

years of work

programming languages


Technology is not only about presenting our professionals with complex tasks to solve, or giving our newcomers an opportunity for a rapid professional growth.

Rather, it’s about communicating with each other without regard for hierarchy.

It’s also about the people: we value our talents for their contribution, whether they contribute to global projects or small tasks. And of course it’s about our office, a place you just don’t want to leave.

Technology is a unique space with a room for both new ideas and long-established traditions.

How do we increase the overall proficiency of our company?

First of all, by means of constant self-education. It is essential for orienting in our rapidly changing industry.

Our employees attend courses and workshops, exchange their experience and take exams. Many of them are specialists with world-class certificates.

We train not only our employees, but also students.

Additionally, our specialists take corporate English courses to improve their English skills.