Анкета кандидата на прохождение практики (стажировки)

We select prospective students and help them gain practical skills - our interns consistently get the best grades. Work experience that you can get at IT companies (even as a trainee intern) will be significantly more serious, and our tasks are more complicated and interesting than what a non-specialized institution can offer. You will have something to write about in your resume.

You can get a task from your manager on your email

The IT departments of "Technology" are listed below. Please select a department/departments you would like to work for.

You can select multiple departments with the same priority


Web-technologies department: Site development group

Web-technologies department: Corporate solutions group

System and business-analysis/information security department

Integrated systems development department

Windows servers and databases maintenance department

Windows applications development department

Mobile software development department

Application software development department

Application software support department

IP telephony support and service management department

Software localization (foreign languages translation) department

System administration department: Maintenance of unix servers

System administration department: Network administration

Workplaces maintenance department

Implementation and maintenance of accounting systems (1C) department

Chief power engineer department

Operation department

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