Cookie policy.

What is a cookie file.

Cookie files are text files containing small amount of information, that are sent to your browser and stored on the computer, mobile phone or other device, used by the users to go to the website. Cookie files send information to the website every time the users visit it. For example, they enable to save the Safe search settings, show useful advertisements, count the page traffic, register in our services and protect information of the users. Cookies can be persistent cookie files and be stored on the computer, until the users delete them, or they can be temporary (such cookies are called session ones), which means they are saved until the browser is closed. Besides, cookies are devided into first party cookies (they are installed directly by the website you visit) and third party cookies (installed by other websites).

The used cookies and their purpose.

Below you can see the classification of cookies used by our websites (in accordance with Cookie Guideline made up by the International Chamber of Commerce):

Strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are required for moving around the website and using the requested services — for example, for the access to the protected pages. Cookies of this type are used when users register and enter the system. The services requested by the users become unavailable without them. Such cookies are first party ones and they can be both persistent and session. In other words, our websites do not operate properly without these cookies.

Performance cookies:

These cookies collect information about using the website — for example, about the most visited pages. Such files do not get the private information of particular users. All information collected by such cookies is of statistical nature and is anonymous.

Aims of using these cookies:

Such cookies can be both persistent and session, they can also be both first party and third party cookies.They collect anonymous information about visiting the pages and viewing advertisements.

Functionality cookies:

These cookies allow our websites to remember information provided by you (like username, language or country of residence), it improves capabilities of certain options and makes them more personalised. Besides, these cookies are used to provide you with the requested services — for example, watching a video or commenting in a blog. Such files use anonymous information and do not control your activity on other websites.

Aims of using these cookies:

Such cookies can be both persistent and session, they can also be both first party and third party cookies. They remember information provided by you and improve effectiveness of interaction with the website.

Advertising cookies:

These cookies are used for limiting the number of times the user sees an advertisement, as well as for assessment of advertising campaign effectiveness. Advertising cookies are used to control promotional content on the website. Advertising cookies are placed by the third parties — for example, by advertisers and their agents. They can be both persistent and session. So, such files are connected with advertisements on the website, which are provided by third party companies. Cookies of our advertising services are installed from various Google domains and their regional variants (for example, Some of such domains are listed below.

Other third party cookies

Some pages of our websites contain the content of such services as You Tube and Facebook. Note that we cannot influence the cookies used by these services. You can learn additional information about them by visiting the relevant third party website.

Cookie control and deletion.

You can block or delete cookies, as well as limit their operation in the settings of your browser. In different browsers actions necessary for this can differ. To get instructions for your browser, click one of the links below.

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Google Chrome



Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

If your browser is not in the list above, use the help function in your browser to get instructions. Besides, you can find additional information about cookie control and deletion in different browsers on the page

Note that some specific pages of our websites are available only if using cookies. Disabling cookies can lead to restriction of access to our content and defective operation of the websites. To get information about controlling cookies in the browser of a mobile device, look through the instructions for this device.

If the users of this website do not forbid to use cookies or similar Internet technologies, they thereby give their consent to apply these technologies in order to collect and process the information.