Student placements

Proficient specialists are the most valuable resource for our company. “Technology” is rapidly developing, and our main source of new employees is educational institutions.

For more than 7 years, “Technology” has been actively cooperating with universities and vocational education institutions in Kurgan Oblast, and, as we open subdivisions in other regions, we start to build relations with educational institutions in other regions as well. Since 2017, we’ve been also working with universities of Tatarstan, and in 2018 we signed a cooperation contract with Tyumen State University. In 2020, we started to cooperate with universities of Yekaterinburg.

Approximately 700 people have taken tours and participated in workshops offered by “Technology”, more than 100 students have completed their placement, 50 of them are now our employees. For the young specialists who have successfully completed their student placement, we provide salaried placement with hiring (official employment).

We offer the students the following benefits

Consultations with specialists and mentors

Opportunity to learn from the professionals

Employment priority

Dozens of IT areas to select from

Insight into the working process of a real IT company

Specialized internship or placement

Organized workplace

Free meals three times a day